A Dream.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon


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I believe this is a future we can achieve. Only one remarkable obstacle stands in our way: Us. If we could put aside our petty differences and learn to forgive and accept, we could change the world, we could change the solar system. We could surmount all limits we see before us in this modern society and limits we didn’t even know we had. All we have to do is trust each other and give each other a helping hand. Once we overcome this single obstacle, we will no longer need to hope. We will have.


All it will take is one individual/group of people to go through hardships, bring people together, unite the world as ONE country. But until that, the world as we know it will be going down the downhill spiral of death and destruction. But I do believe that one day us Humans will be a species of understanding, hope and prosperity.


Zhuang Lynn


But actually we can bypass those violence if we have the way to solve the scarcity. and that is how technology come into play. the traditional labors are displaced by automation. it frees people. We blame them taking our jobs away, but its actually that the way we run the society is obsolete and invalid.
Of course, it’s hard for a civilization to change the way it is. But either we change, or we hold the old values and continue killing each others, then destroy the earth.


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